Moog Conspiracy take a remix exercise with "Pulse" on Elektrotribe

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Moog Conspiracy take a remix exercise with "Pulse" on Elektrotribe

Elektrotribe have put six of the representative producers from label on the remix exercise of Moog Conspiracy new album "Pulse", culminating in a colourful melting pot of shades of dust and amazing grooves merging to the futuristic and hypnotic minimalist approach behind the Album.

The released mid of May 2016 the album found its way into the bags of some of the heads of the techno scene like Len Faki or the Advent. 

The new edits are signed by non the less than Exercise One known for their input on Exone & Mobilee records, french artist D´Jamency behind the imprints Amazone & Among records, Minus affiliated producer Jorge Ciccioli from Buenos Aires, German producer Asem Shama, Theo Komp the man behind Minimal Force Records & Italian producer Christian Bonori, head of Analogic Sound records.


1. Black Stone (Exercise One remix)
2. Halo (Theo Komp remix)
3. Purple (Christian Bonori remix)
4. Red (D Jamency remix)
5. Red (Jorge Ciccioli remix)
6. Red (Asem Shama remix)

Release Date: 20th December 2016.