Moog Conspiracy teams up with Gurwan to release 'Bouncy' on Buena Onda Reco

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Moog Conspiracy teams up with Gurwan to release 'Bouncy' on Buena Onda Reco

Moog Conspiracy, French producer based in Berlin will release his next single, “Bouncy”, on Buena Onda Records.

Moog Conspiracy first got in touch with Gurwan, when he released his debut studio album 'Elements of Density', which was an attempt to produce distorted reduced electronica, back in 2007 on Elektrotribe records.

You know an electronic producer is an especially new face on the scene if they don't even have a page to call their own. You won't find Moog Conspiracy there yet — this is his debut for the Elektrotribe label — but it's hard to believe that will be the case for long. Sure, Is It Deep? sounds tentative at times, as though Moog Conspiracy is still finding his feet. But even so, there's plenty of promise on hand: from the intriguing high-pitched tones that purport to be the melody of “Saw” to the irresistible funk of “Drop.” Best of all is “Code Alfa,” which uses a Doppler synth to disorient and then punches you straight in the gut with its deep bass.

They met, became friends, played gigs together, released 'Promenade' in 2009, 'Blender' in 2013 , and got to collaborate with Piemont, Marc Raum, Fly O Tech, Yapacc, Kruse & Nuernberg and now with IRY and Peter Grummich!

Now, this is Moog Conspiracy's third EP and it's titled 'Bouncy'. Moog remembered, when him and Gurwan, label head at Buena Onda Records, were working on this third opus and chose the remixers a few month backs, Gurwan told him: "dude no doubts, we are not gonna hit commercial records with that one, but who cares, we are doing music here"

That's the motto behind this third opus, bringing the creation where it belongs, in front of all.