Moonlit Vision - 'So Many Irons In The Fire' EP [Tough Luck Records]


Moonlit Vision - 'So Many Irons In The Fire' EP [Tough Luck Records]

After a short break Tough Luck Records return with a Techno focused release 'So Many Irons In The Fire' EP which comes from Moonlit Vision - a young duo (Callum Vaughan & Ross Houghton) from Newcastle Upon Tyne - that blends deep textures with industrial grooves including remixes from Chris Cue and Yarra.

“Outcast 01” blends smooth pads with ambient textures to create an analogue soundscape layered over a heavy kick drum. Deep and slightly industrial with a subtle dub influence, this expertly programmed track is chic Techno at its most sublime.

Track two is the Chris Cue remix of “Outcast 01” which keeps the originals depth whilst removing the ambient textures to create space for extra percussion. Chris uses snares, claps and additional hi hats to add his own Jacking groove to his laid back and shimmering rework.

The second reworking of “Outcast 01” comes from Yarra who keeps the originals energy and uses the Dub influenced pads from the original to form the foundation of his version. Adding his own looped ambience to give things a mechanical feel, the rolling textures wash like waves hitting the shore of an alien world.

“Outcast 02” starts with eerie atmospherics that soon combine with fluttering hi-hats, rising pads and a pounding kick drum. Elegant yet menacing, the track has an air of sophistication which although club focused is also perfect for home listening.

Finishing the release with a remix of “Outcast 02” is a second appearance from Yarra. Taking things up a gear with the fierce drums and the addition of a bubbling acid line, he also loops the originals pads to create added tension.


01. Outcast 01
02. Outcast 01 (Chris Cue Remix)
03. Outcast 01 (Yarra Remix)
04. Outcast 02
05. Outcast 02 (Yarra Remix)

Release Date: 16th December 2016