Motech Records heads to France picking up a release from Madben


Motech Records heads to France picking up a release from Madben

Motech Records continue their European on from their release with Veronique Page and her ‘I Want To Believe EP’, heading to France next, picking up a new EP from Madben.

The title might be ‘In The Middle of Nowhere’ but that’s certainly not the case with Benjamin Leclercq a.k.a Madben’s career. Even early on Madben was sited as a rising new talent by France’s Trax Magazine and he’s gone on to prove their foresight correct.

Having built a strong reputation as a DJ and producer, his music has appeared on labels like KMS, Brique Rouge, Astropolis, Goldmin, Inflyte, Bedrock, Stripped Off and Logos.

The EP’s opening title track, ‘In The Middle of Nowhere’ has a butt-shaking groove underpinning its melody, with layers that ebb and flow. A more straight-up techno beat pervades ‘Odyssey’ with epic chords and spacey vocal sample.

The final cut from Madben is the Detroit House track, ‘Organic Drive’ making it a perfect precursor to the final part of the EP when the Motor City and Motech’s own DJ 3000 delivers his remixes, funking up ‘In the Middle of Nowhere’ and adding a jazzier vibe to ‘Organic Drive’.


1. In The Middle of Nowhere
2. Odyssey
3. Organic Drive
4. In The Middle of Nowhere (DJ 3000 remix)
5. Organic Drive (DJ 3000 remix)

Release Date: 15th June 2015.