Mothlab Recordings present miniMAKr with 'Resonant Space'


Mothlab Recordings present miniMAKr with 'Resonant Space'

miniMAKr is an upbeat/tech and deep house electronic act featuring live improv drums, keys, horn and vocals. miniMAKr performs all original content, bringing to life a new and unique set with each performance. Blake Ferm (rhythm) and Edward Zang (melody) are co-founding members of the larger format band MAKr.

Created in the MAKr studio in Brooklyn, NY - the two original tracks are deep, techy and brooding with a bounce - short & stubby bass line, solid groove and sizzling dry high-hats.

The two remixes are not only of high quality but more so make that release a complete package - with ATOM, Florent Cakiq & Secret 47 - offering deep-dubby melodic techno reworks.

Check out 'Resonant Space' out August 3rd on Mothlab Recordings.


1. Aphelion (Original Mix)
2. Aphelion (ATOM Remix)
3. Vela (Original Mix)
4. Vela (Florent Cakiq & Secret 47 Remix)

Release Date: 3rd August 2015