Motionen​ debut on Ascetic Limited with 'Imago' EP

Melodic Techno

Motionen​ debut on Ascetic Limited with 'Imago' EP

'Imago' EP is the first release by the little known project based out of Los Angeles - Motionen presented on the Ascetic Limited imprint.

The record starts with the title track, with experimental vocals transforming into bright, but soothing pads, offset by a dark, bass heavy, rhythmic beat.

'Aero' opens wth atmospheric feel with scenic progressions bringing an upbeat vibe, subtle modulation making it as captivating as it is unpredictable focused and melodic.

Followed by Dialogue, which brings the listener back into a darker realm, with driving acid bass sounds and a boomy kick drum.


1. Imago
2. Aero
3. Dialogue

Release Date: 12th December 2016.