MRV explores the 'Human Consciousness Parte1'


MRV explores the 'Human Consciousness Parte1'

The Spanish imprint, Soundsite Records comes impregnated with authentic Techno - exploring the 'Human Consciousness' from first reference of the artist, MRV. It's a blinding four track release describing some of their techniques in the structural composition, transmitting a time course of Techno.

Influenced by melodic patterns within an atonal style, looking for unusual melodic and rhythmic inflections, composed of mental, futuristic and acid sounds.

MRV opens the curtain with 'Transcendence', a track with a deep technoid soul of fanfare, leisurely pace and a mix of raw and hypnotic sounds that drawn on the powerful bassline.

'Black Bird' presents a submerged universe of synthetic and atmospheric beats colliding with each other causing a delicious sound reaction with a rolling groove.

'Dimensiones' pounds away with a sharp bass, snappy high-hats stealthy rhythm of the track.

Completing the release is 'Illness' a sleek, deep well formed techno track at it's best, with it's functional grooves making it a brain melter for those peak hours of twisted Techno.


1. Transcendence
2. Black Bird
3. Dimensiones
4. Illness

Release Date: 27th June 2015.