My Favourite Freaks celebrate the release of the second 'CONCEPT' EP


My Favourite Freaks celebrate the release of the second 'CONCEPT' EP

Concept is the new baby established by the already international well known artist agency My Favourite Freaks, and it’s about time to celebrate the release of the second 'CONCEPT' EP, which is a four track techno and tech house vinyl straight from Affkt, Saytek,.

AFFKT's contribution titled 'Pied Piper' is a spherical and even slower techno track, which is driven by a vintage like arpeggio synth. This catchy line leads to a huge breakdown with an explosive drop.

Sayteks mix of his 'Build And Drop' shows a housier version of minimal techno, with Detroit chords combined with four to the floor beats and a lot of delay effects, with an arrangement is very oldschool and more like a DJ tool.

The 909 beats offer the heart of first track of the B-side from Macromism with a very groovy sub bassline on 'Stay B', while a rap vocal sample drills in your head like a machine.

Starting with a groovy beat, Timid Boy finalizes the fantastic second four tracker with his title 'The Cops After Me'. It is made of male vocal rhyme cuts and a filtered synth lead, which should remind us of police sirens.


A1 AFFKT - Pied Piper
A2 Saytek - Build And Drop
B1 Macromism - Stay B
B2 Timid Boy - The Cops After Me

Release Date: 15th February 2016.