Nauruan Stranger returns to Konstruktiv with the 'Zum Acid' EP


Nauruan Stranger returns to Konstruktiv with the 'Zum Acid' EP

Nauruan Stranger returns to the Konstruktiv imprint for a third collaboration with the 'Zum Acid' EP which sees the Austrian DJ/Producer take on the 303 Techno genre, with added cosmic twists.

The quirky use of sounds of the title-track 'Zum Acid' echo out over a bed of humid broken beats, both pace and temperature are set for a voyage to the lesser-explored edges of the acid world.

Rekord 61’s remix is its jeep speeding counterpart to the original, with where the Konstruktiv boss stamps his foot down firmly for a fast, driving and decidedly techno rework where reverberated white noise rises punctuate the storyline.

Second original track 'Underbron' takes us on a spaced-out rocket trip with a spellbinding synth line leads the way as hands and minds extend out for a touch of cosmic bliss that slowly slips out of reach.

Nauruan Stranger finally turns the lights down on 'You', with slow tribal drumming, soothing synth work and carefully controlled acid outbursts’¦

The Finnish duo, BuRu - formed by brothers Ilkka and Mikko Ihalainen, turn their drum machines on and bring the EP to a close with a blinding and exhaustingly effective rework of "You"


1. Zum Acid
2. Zum Acid (Rekord 61 remix)
3. Underbron
4. You
5. You (BuRu remix)

Release Date: 2nd November 2015