NDV Records release Chris & Antanas 'Afrikaan Donce' EP with Mr. G remix


NDV Records release Chris & Antanas 'Afrikaan Donce' EP with Mr. G remix

The next record from the bright young NDV stable comes from a couple of outrageously talented folk by the name of Chris Woodward (Buzzinfly) and Antanas Antanelis. This is the first record from these guys and they're no novices. This crafted and heavy hitting slice of house is a perfect fit for the NDV mould. The Magnificent Afrikaan Donce EP is full of chunky house tones, shades of MPC, hip hop and sample based house along with a tougher edge.

These guys have a lot of experience releasing music under alternative monikers for labels like Drumpoet Community, Buzzin Fly and others, but it's NDV who get the courtesy of presenting their first offering as the duo Chris & Antanas.

To top it off, this EP has 2 remixes which don't mess about. Both of these blew us away, it is safe to say this whole record came together easily. First up we have the man, the legend... MR G!! Fresh off the back of a new album and with plenty of fuel still in the tank, Mr G picks up the pace and applies his trademark rolling house/techno groove to some thick and moody pads. He brings out a pure evolving feeling with this super clean re-cut.

The icing on this already delightful cake comes from Manchester's man of the moment - Oli Furness. A good friend and the fearless leader of Music Is love and MIL. He is on red hot form at the moment and flips the B side with some absolutely funkadelic swagger and jazz-tastic remoulding of the original....we're marking this remix as his finest work yet.

Chris & Antanas - Afrikaan Donce EP

A1. Afrikaan Donce
A2. Hear The Singing
B1. Afrikaan Donce - Mr G's Payback Remix
B2. Hear The Singing - Oli Furness's Jazzy Reshuffle