Nepz (Gerome Sportelli) releases 'Berber EP' on Motech Records


Nepz (Gerome Sportelli) releases 'Berber EP' on Motech Records

The ‘Berber EP’ by Belgian producer, Nepz (Gerome Sportelli) was originally released in 2004 on Suburban Knight’s Dark Print label gets it's re-release on 24th November. Now ten years on Motech Records picks up the baton with four talented artists – Santiago Salazar, Gary Martin, Siggatunez and Motech’s own DJ 3000 each delivering their own remix of one of the EP’s four tracks.

In keeping with Motech’s ethos of straddling both Techno and House the first two remixes encapsulate elements of the Detroit Techno sound, with ICAN’s Santiago Salazar delivering a UR-esque take on ‘Layala’, followed by DJ 3000’s melodic deepness stamped all over ‘Morocco Do Brazil’.

Next up, Berlin resident Siggatunez opts for the Deep House route for his “Strange Pipes Version” of ‘Gargn Ya’ with its clipped vocals and slower stomping groove, before Gary Martin (Teknotika) gives us a twisted take on ‘Najawa’, fusing his neat electronics with just a hint of modern jazz.

With such a superior remix EP that will appeal to a lot of tastes it’s clear that Motech Records are at the top of their game.

1. Layala (Santiago Salazar Remix)
2. Morocco Do Brazil (DJ 3000 Remix)
3. Gargn Ya (Siggatunez' Strange Pipes Version)
4. Najawa (Gary Martin Remix)


Gerome Sportelli is an electronic music producer from Belgium, label owner of Sporty Limited. His music ‘smells’ old school, just like the early age of acid house, but infused with today’s intelligent constructions and an engaged vision on music. Gerome’s music is made from bronze age analogue synths, love, passion and modern digital mixing techniques.