Nice Try Records release MRZ with his obscure 'Konterversum' E.P

Deep House

Nice Try Records release MRZ with his obscure 'Konterversum' E.P

The Swiss imprint Nice Try Records, take on fellow Swiss MRZ with his obscure creation the 'Konterversum' E.P, the DJ/Producer has been steadily shaping the dance floor sensitivity on Zürich's underground scene. The release is a four track E.P including one instrumental are only a pick of many great new tracks from the MRZ.

The title track 'Konterversum' is a subversively charming affair, with it's laid back beats, untroubled synths creating a appetisingly inspired deep house track.

'Multiversum' does somehow picture how it feels trying to quit a conversation on the phone - while riding an edgy but flowing groove.

'Circaversum' is basically held in Swiss German dialect and we let you guess what they are talking about, applied over a subtle deep house groove.

Closing the release is instrumental version of 'Circaversum', for those not so much inclined into three-guys-jacking-the-mic-in-the-studio. It was definitely worth it...


1. Konterversum
2. Multiversum
3. Circaversum
4. Circaversum (Instrumental)

Release Date: 25th June 2015.