No.100 with ONOFF Recordings presenting Schamain Alcazars' 'Bluelife' E.P


No.100 with ONOFF Recordings presenting Schamain Alcazars' 'Bluelife' E.P

For the second release this month the Spanish label, OnOff Recording announce release One Hundred for the imprint, with a special two track E.P from head honcho, Schamain Alcazar.

In 2012, Schamain Alcazar felt the need to expand his musical realm and create a home for up and coming, talented and inspired artists - OnOff Recording. Based in the Spanish town of Malaga, he began to define a clear outset and ethos for the imprint, with the production and release of quality music; Techno, Tech, Minimal or Deep, setting the standard for everything Schamain puts his stamps on.

The release starts in true OnOff style, with 'Bluedrive' a truly deep, Dub Techno track; full of depth, yet as the title describes 'driving'. The beat skips add a texture, with introspective layers and a gentle bass lurch along with a metallic, minimal groove.

Next up on the release is 'Bluestroke' with it's slow start, soon picks up pace with a minimal sound, the filters and effects delicately adjust the tempo within the melodies and percussions, smart and effortlessly sublime.


1. Bluedrive (Original Mix)
2. Bluestroke (Original Mix)

Release Date: 22nd June 2015.