NoizyKnobs elease their 'Under Ghetto' EP on Motech Records


NoizyKnobs elease their 'Under Ghetto' EP on Motech Records

Turin techno duo NoizyKnobs are set to release their 'Under Ghetto' EP on the Detroit imprint Motech Records, bringing clear connections to Detroit techno while combining acid bass lines, melodic textures.

Fresh off their stellar releases via Mark Broom's 'Beardman' label and S-File's 'GND' records, the live performance duo bring their magic touch to the Motech familia.

‘Syncronized’ itself, utilises the cut-up vocal sample to full effect for a relentless, throbbing techno drill, while the intrepid ‘Under Ghetto’ delivers depth and snap to its tough Chicago-style groove.

'Reference' brings some funky yet stomping grooves and an emotional vibe amongst its tough beats

‘Expertise’ then launches with stripped-down drum and cymbal work before the gentle melody takes it to a new direction on this final cut.


1. Syncronized
2. Under Ghetto
3. Reference
4. Expertise

Release Date: 26th December 2016