Nuta Cookier - Mahatma Ship [Future Scope Recordings]

Melodic Techno

Nuta Cookier - Mahatma Ship [Future Scope Recordings]

Nuta Cookier travels into the galactic realms with four brand new tracks on the Mahatma Ship EP - bringing you acid sounds, powerful beats and a super atmosphere to send you into a crazy trip straight up to space.

A slow, rumbling and majestic to start the release with ‘Mahatma Ship’ Cookier dives in and out of the pan and flange, with a chugging, thundering, syncopated bassline.

Next up on the release 'Mimas Moon' brings it floating melodies which disappear into shuddering, skittering and frenetic percussion, with huge rumbling bass drops underpinning the entire production.

'Space Gate' with ominous synths that move into intense percussive segues, creating a backdrop for the track’s uneasy sense of wellbeing.

Rounding off the release 'Spacial Signal' comes with its bouncing bassline, stripped back then unleashed with full power energetic sounds.


1. Mahatma Ship
2. Mimas Moon
3. Space Gate
4. Spacial Signal

Release Date: 27th October 2018.