NX1 - NX107


NX1 - NX107

NX1 came in with strength into the international techno scene with the release of their first record on their label in late 2011. NX1 01 was limited to 200 hand stamped white vinyl copies that in just a few days reached the top sellers on the renowned website from Dutch distributor Clone.nl. This, in turn, made them receive immediate support by heavy weights of the genre such as Surgeon and Marcel Dettman among many others.

From this point on, following the “Do It Yourself” philosophy, they have continued to produce a wide range of material from which many big personalities in the scene have been feeding. Thanks to this the spotlights have been slowly moving towards their releases and productions.

Demanded for collaborations on labels such as Semantic Modularz, M_Rec. Ltd, names like Oscar Mulero, KirkDegiorgio and Terence Fixmer have also asked for their contributions to their respective projects. This has inevitably led them to gain recognition from the international press and catapulted them into a series of performances in clubs and events all over Europe that allowed them to highlight their capabilities as producers and their ability on stage.

Their latest release is out digitally early January on vinyl late January.

1. NX1 07 019
2. NX1 07 020
3. NX1 07 021

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