NYC House legend Lenny Fontana pens in November release for 'Feel It'


NYC House legend Lenny Fontana pens in November release for 'Feel It'

DJ, remixer, hit-making producer and dance music trendsetter Lenny Fontana is about to announce his latest release ‘Feel It’. Born and raised in the “melting pot” of New York City, Lenny Fontana has definitely gone a long way since his humble beginnings playing at private events and small house parties.

His first career break came when he was asked to play at New York’s Underground located in Union Square NYC, followed by a series of events leading to an ever-growing reputation, which transpired far beyond his beloved home-town.

Lenny Fontana enjoys worldwide success, DJing at some of the world’s premiere dance spots and working alongside some of the industry’s most respected promoters, namely: ‘Free Bass Society’, ‘Together’, ‘Harmony’, and ‘Good Vibe Crew’. Having played his part in the history of House music by being the first ever American DJ to perform in Dubai and at Pacha in Ibiza, Lenny Fontana continues to be an innovator in the House music genre. Building on his past success, having had multiple tracks like 'What You Need" and "Chocolate Sensation" high-up in both US and UK charts and earning him spots on major music networks such as MTV, Fontana keeps producing chart-topping material such as his latest release ‘Feel It’.

‘Feel It’ hits with an almost siren-like synth sound which creates anticipation for the big kick drum sound to come in and start the dancing. Fontana builds up the track in a quick fashion and one could start really getting into the groove when the off-beat hi-hat pattern paired with a back-beat snare and a mesmerising synth pattern kick in. ‘Feel It’ reaches new dynamic heights when the sax-like synth sound is introduced as a prologue to a breakdown vocal section, which is then built up into a fully fledged vocal groove which truly gets feet moving when matched with the rock-style guitar riff.

Lenny Fontana truly shows his ability and control over the music and it seems like he can have the audience on a string with his dynamic ascensions and breakdowns. His choice of section positioning is extraordinary and shows the hand of a true House music hit-maker who has an accurate knowledge of his audience. His sound selections are carefully contemplated and show his over 20-year experience in the business.

Now that he is also the owner of his own record label, Karmic Power Records, one can only expect Lenny Fontana to keep hitting the world with House music anthems that will keep worldwide dance-floors packed in the coming years. ‘Feel It’ is once again another of Lenny Fontana’s desired contributions to House music and would represent a gem in any House music record collection.

‘Feel It’ will be released 17th November on Beatport