Oliver Huntemann delivers deep Techno with 'Pech & Schwefel' EP


Oliver Huntemann delivers deep Techno with 'Pech & Schwefel' EP

Oliver Huntemann always delivers - especially on his own Senso imprint, this time around sees him release 'Pech & Schwefel' EP - a double-header of deep and deeply accomplished techno with a precise, refined production and high-definition details.

'Pech' is a masterclass in the selection and combination of tone, texture and the thoughtful treatments applied to them. A long two-minute build paves the way for a sustained bass tone that teases the listener with well-timed pitch bends. Elements unfold and flower organically as the tune reaches its climax of dancing synth lines.

'Schwefel' takes a voyage into more eerie territory, full of echo and distant music box pings. Huntemann balances these delicate melodic sounds with gritty synth repetitions that finally win the day to deliver a surging, stirring and deeply memorable roller.


1. Schwefel
2. Pech

Release Date: 4th December 2015