Once Unlimited presents Haalleycks' 'Eight Months' EP

Melodic Techno

Once Unlimited presents Haalleycks' 'Eight Months' EP

Once Unlimited presents Haalleycks' Eight Months EP, a musical transcription of the cool side of the Berlin life, during his eight months stay in the city in 2014.

Haalleycks says: 'When I walked in these long streets, when I went at Tiergarten with a bottle of Club Maté or another park after a party, when I went at open airs parties, or when I met cool people, I felt so good in Berlin.'

But this EP also describes what Haalleycks felt with the difficulty to live like an exile in a country whose he didn't know the language, when he was alone in a club, surrounded by so many people who spoke German, English or other languages.

It's the reason why he decided to produce especially Deep House and Deep Techno tracks, to describe what he felt, when he lived this great experience in a city which never sleeps.


1. Nightwalker
2. Unstable Life
3. Sunday Afternoon in Teirgarten
4. Ghostdancers

Release Date: 3rd March 2016