One Track Brain delivers next installment on OTB records with 'Private Sky'


One Track Brain delivers next installment on OTB records with 'Private Sky'

After two really well received releases by Lockyear and Aggborough it’s up to One Track Brain to deliver the 8th installment on his own OTB records. The music evokes a strong imagery using unusual melodies, organic sound sources and the relentless support of hypnotic grooves.

A1 Private Sky Inspired by the artist Calder. The eerie sounds (derived from samples of oil vessels) inventively evoke his delicate moving sculptures, while the industrial groove mimics the artist at work in his atelier. The narrative follows a small boy wandering about and investigating, discovering the artist he would become.

A2 Temple This track sucks you in like quicksand. The air is hot and trembling, the mood is brooding. Unexpectedly the chords come upon you like a thick mist. The world goes out of focus. A moment of self contemplation, your mind is a temple, your thoughts wander.

B1 Hoo Too This track is structured around a heavily effected ‘whistle solo’ recorded one sunny day at the sea side and sounds like the rain forest after a heavy rainfall. One by one the elements of the jungle come out. Life is everywhere for the ones who open their eyes. The sun orchestrates this magnificent theatre.

B2 Charm The lead for Charm was again made by whistling and deep sound processing. This time we’re listening to a party going on in the microcosmos. Tiny creatures are dancing with subtle and fast movements. The world is on time lapse and turns on differents speeds. We are led to the altar of this strange world and are glad to be accepted to this charming kingdom of kindness.

Just like the previous OTB record, 88888 designed an art stamp that will be used to produce the vinyl sleeves by hand, making each piece unique. For this one they drew inspiration from Calder’s moving structures.


One Track Brain - Private Sky
One Track Brain - Temple
One Track Brain - Hoo Too
One Track Brain - Charm

Release Date: 16th September 2016.