ONOFF Recordings release Maksin Dark's 'Dark Base' E.P


ONOFF Recordings release Maksin Dark's 'Dark Base' E.P

The Spanish imprint ONOFF Recordingbring us a big release from Maksim Dark with his Techno 'Dark Base' E.P a collection of six tracks, featuring two originals plus four remixes from Yo Montero, Bombilla, Serohe and Michel Caron.

'Dark Base' captures the floor with dark speaking vocals, a heavy and moody bass-line layered with a hypnotic synth that rises and opens-up as the track progresses.

'Cracken' delivers plenty of bass and eerie textures accompanied by a original 808 drum pattern heading into the realms of dark techno, with the vocal sample and sinister synth-lines.

Release includes 4 remixes, the first one being the remix from Yo Montero offering a stripped back version of 'Dark Base', while Bombilla steps in for his rework adding a more mechanical feel.

Serohe takes a darker approach to 'Cracken' with a pumping futuristic revision, while Michel Caron complete the remixes in a deep minimal and melodic fashion.

A nice release in all one for the collection with a variation of Techno choices.


1. Dark Base (Original Mix)
2. Dark Base (Yo Montero Remix)
3. Dark Base (Bombilla Remix)
4. Cracken (Original Mix)
5. Cracken (Serohe Remix)
6. Cracken (Michel Caron Remix)

Release Date: 15th June 2015.