Ontal debut on Noiztank with their 'Pietà' E.P


Ontal debut on Noiztank with their 'Pietà' E.P

Offering their first release on the Austrian based imprint Noiztank - the Serbian duo of Ontal debut on the label with the 'Pietal' E.P - four tracks that offer paradigmatic example of how industrial/techno can still offer a wide range of pleasant surprises.

Ontal is the collaborative project from Boris Noiz and Darko Kolar, both hailing from Serbia. Focusing on the bleakest, blackest apocalyptic techno and grinding mechanoid rhythms, calm joyful rapture over the sound of burning cities and scorched wastelands.

'Pietà' opens proceedings with the textural pads and kick drum creating their own static before being lifted into pastoral melodies and soundscapes - a reminder of early Aute.

'Seven Sorrows' the drums are a heavy distorted techno workout, with dynamic use of the melodies to give a characteristic to the track.

'Lamentation' heads down the straight-line Techno route, 4/4 accompanied by staccato melodies propelled along by buoyant claps and high-hats.

'Mater Dolorosa' completes the release, a grinding and distorting bleak soundscape with not a beat insight, yet always underpinned with the signature shifting background.


A1. Pietà
A2. Seven Sorrows
B1. Lamentation
B2. Mater Dolorosa

Release Date: 5th October 2015.