Oqko is taking its first steps with 'Sheffield' EP from Smog


Oqko is taking its first steps with 'Sheffield' EP from Smog

Joining the myriad of labels based out of Berlin, new imprint oqko is taking its first steps with 'Sheffield' EP from Smog. The release carries three original, plus three remixes, which is to be take as a whole and an introduction to oqko.

The release is heavily influenced by the northern metropolitan winter, lead by short and gloomy days, dipping in and out of industrial influences but still stands strong aside with its clear personal vision of it.

The overall sound of the EP is harsh and unforgiving creating a industrial breath with metallic overtones of Techno and experimental electronica, which emerge with flittering soundscapes guiding the listener between moments of extreme tensions.

Created in 2015 oqko defines itself as an interdisciplinary label for music and arts. Driven by the need to develop an identity, incubating a diversity of approaches between the club culture and fine arts. The vision of oqko focus on promoting both organic and hybrid experimentation towards our time. A common root that grounds the plurality of today.

1. oqko001 (DEKJ Mix)
2. Kotti
3. Sheffield
4. Sheffield (EJKD Remix)
5. Pacific (astvaldur Remix)
6. Pacific

Release Date: 15th October 2015.