OTB Records, turn to One Track Brain for the #003 release on the imprint


OTB Records, turn to One Track Brain for the #003 release on the imprint

For the third release from the OTB Records imprint, return back to the first release bringing back One Track Brain for the #003 to present a unique exploratory sound that will frequently push the boundaries of techno. It will produce futuristic music with nostalgic feelings that is focussed on the dancefloor.

Techno Music is a certain type of Stimulus used by Gefühl Operators called DJ’s. Stimulus is an energy change (such as light or sound) which is registered by the senses and that provokes a response. An Operator is a function over the space of physical states. As a result of its application on a physical state, another physical state is obtained.

Gefühl Operator: How much can a song change your mood? How much can a DJ change the vibe of a crowd? It’s always more powerful when you can speak with fewer words. By cutting up the word “feeling” itself, this track creates a mood that goes beyond itself, reaching out without touch, speaking with ONE single word to reach a new emotional state.

Stimulus: An ode to change, an ode to impulse, an ode to experimentation. An explosion in the lab of One Track Brain. This track is made to stimulate and provoke a response.


1. Gefühl Operator
2. Stimulus

Release Date: 24th April 2015.