Paul Mac releases three new Techno weapons on 'Archive Vol 6'


Paul Mac releases three new Techno weapons on 'Archive Vol 6'

London based DJ/Producer Paul Mac, needs no introduction with a vast catalogue of work has been delving into his production archives for a series of special releases. Earlier volumes of the Stimulus DAT Archives have included tracks from the early to mid 90s and beyond, some of which had only been released on vinyl, others hadn't seen the light of day at all.

Moving on to ‘Archive Vol 6’, which is ready for release in August, he’s traversed into more recent times, with three new Techno weapons recorded in the last couple of years but previously unreleased.

‘Archive Vol 6’ is a tri-colour package, opening with ‘Because Of That’, a deep and thoughtful machine funk workout, before ‘Live Bleep Edit’ ups the energy with its raw groove, and ‘So Soon’ rounds off the package on a more experimental bass-driven vein.

Now is the perfect time to give these tracks the airing they so thoroughly deserve. Look out for further volumes coming to Stimulus soon.


1. Because Of That
2. Live Bleep Edit
3. So Soon

Release Date: 10th August 2015.