PBR Streetgang - Whiplash (Incl. Tuff City Kids Remixes) - 2020 Vision


PBR Streetgang - Whiplash (Incl. Tuff City Kids Remixes) - 2020 Vision

Ralph Lawson's 2020Vision imprint offer up PBR Streetgang’s ‘Whiplash’ with two remixes Gerd Janson & Phillip Lauer’s Tuff City Kids.

Bonar Bradberry and Thom Thorpe aka PBR Streetgang have been on the rise over the past few years having locked themselves into a residency at Space Ibiza’s We Love events plus releases for many leading imprints in the industry such as Hot Creations, Futureboogie, Wolf Music and of course 2020Vision where they return to here. The duo are back on 2020 with some fresh material following their ‘At Dez’ EP on the label in 2012, and this time round follow releases from the likes of Christian Loffler, Premiesku and iO Sounds so far this year.

Kicking off the release is title cut ‘Whiplash’ and in typical Streetgang style we’re treated to a raw, energy-fuelled workout built around upfront swinging rhythms, a tom-driven bass hook and sporadic stab sequences laid over seven minutes with a subtly unfolding dynamic. Following is ‘Return To Page One’ which drops the tempo and lays the focus on a low-slung rhythmic drive while sub bass hooks, soaring vocal murmurs and retro synth licks instil a soul-laden, retro house vibe to the composition.

On the flip side we have two interpretations of ‘Return To Page One’ from Tuff City Kids, the first of which, the ‘Disco Mix’, as the name would suggest lays its focus on bubbling arpeggio bass hooks, floaty dubbed out synth stabs and Balearic piano lines. The package is then rounded off with the ‘Electro Mix’ sticking a vintage synth and drum machine edge on things with broken 808 beats, growling square wave bass tones and processed loops of the original mixes vocal chops and melodies.


1. Whiplash (Original Mix)
2. Return To Page One (Original Mix)
3. Return To Page One (Tuff City Kids Disco Mix)
4. Return To Page One (Tuff City Kids Electro Mix)

PBR Streetgang’s ‘Whiplash’ is out on 2020Vision 3rd August 2015.