Phil Dark releases his new EP 'Morning In Pigalle' via Future Relics imprin


Phil Dark releases his new EP 'Morning In Pigalle' via Future Relics imprin

Already played by leading international DJs with his releases on Catwash, Kina Music or Time Has Changed, Phil Dark is now already a major figure in the Parisian night scene. He is also artistic director of Pigalle's club "Le Pigallion" and often receive world's biggest headliner.

We are very proud to release his next EP "Morning In Pigalle", synthesis of the finest musical flavor from Paris, with the honor of a fabulous remix from the well-known Marcelo Cura.

Evening's founder We Want Dance in 2007, he received numerous guest house from all walks in unusual places .
After his residency at Glazart at Batofar and Magic Villette, he turned to the Pigallion for evenings of 12H, a format that appeals a lot and that has many aficionados for after.

He walks in Europe and played in Vienna Pratersauna at Suicide Circus in Berlin, Doctor Sax in Turin, Half Baked in London!

Known for his powerful technique and dj sets, it will make you travel with his melodies and varied grooves. Always looking for music, he likes to play around new classic that unite the dancefloor. Listening to the audience , he can play at any time and always adapts to make people dance .

In Paris, he played in most clubs Underground as Rex, Le Batofar, Java, Showcase, The Wanderlust, Le Rouge, La Nuba and many others. It does not stop there and we also asked him to large events such as the Marvellous Island Festival , but also Cocobeach or Central !

This is a key figure in the Paris night that we were struggling to pass!

Next generation has already signed on Fantastic Friends, Siteholder , Catwash , Kina Music with his sidekick Gwen Maze . Its maximum on Time Has Changed out in June 2013 obtained the larger media like Richie Hawtin , Marco Carola...

In September, he accompanied an EP on Cock Pitch Records label House of Sao Paulo and is expected back on his Quatedral Records in October.

Track Listing;

1. Morning In Pigalle
2. With The Crew (Marcelo Cura remix)
3. With The Crew

Released on 13th January 2015