Philip Bader - Feel So Good Out Now on Saved Records


Philip Bader - Feel So Good Out Now on Saved Records

A close-knit and much loved member of the Saved family, Philip Bader has always fostered a great relationship with the label through his ability to bring out his eccentric personality and party spirit in everything he does. Whether he’s releasing records for us or playing at one of our nights, Philip always brings an unmistakable energy and charisma that gets into the heart of everybody around him. The Berliner now returns to Saved with a three-track EP of peak-time, stonking techno that highlights everything we love about this great producer.

“Feel So Good” flies straight out of the traps with pounding 4/4s, deep swabs of bass and a grinding, driving groove. It’s hard-edged techno with a warehouse / industrial aesthetic, but made accessible and floor-friendly with a wildly addictive groove that runs throughout. “Terrazza’s House” continues in much the same vein, tapping into a dark, intense and energized sound. Snapping rhythms, chopped-up vocal FXs and a rolling bassline give the track a more spun-out feel but the focus still remains on the dance floor.

“Circus” has a lighter feeling, its tumbling, tribal-like drums and swinging groove giving the track plenty of personality. Old-school vocals add a timeless quality to the tune, just as the fluid bassline adds the momentum. Insatiably groovy with an inherently funky feel, this is addictive stuff from one of our true friends.

1. Philip Bader - Feel So Good
2. Philip Bader - Terrazza's House
3. Philip Bader - Circus