Planete Rouge turn to Brendon Moeller for Echologist EP - New Strain


Planete Rouge turn to Brendon Moeller for Echologist EP - New Strain

Following a slamming EP from NX1 in June, French label Planete Rouge have now turned to Brendon Moeller, recording under his Echologist alias with 4 new cuts for his New Strain EP, released on 16th December.

Primarily known for his dub techno releases, Brendon Moeller has released projects under various pseudonyms including his techno workouts as Echologist that have appeared on labels like Prologue, Electric Deluxe and Steadfast.

Opening with the Millsian ‘New Strain’, its rotational vibe continues on the dizzying techno of ‘Confusion’, before the tougher ‘Crystal Days’ leads on, ending with bleeps and sweeps of ‘Yellow Sands’.

Through research and practice he has evolved into a prolific producer with 10 full length albums under his belt along with dozens of singles and remixes. He has performed live and DJ'ed at Fabric, Berghain and Cielo on numerous occasions.

He also runs his own label Steadfast Records out of Patterson in the state of New York, his music has been championed by the likes of Francois K, Speedy J, Danny Howells, amongst others. An eclectic sensibility stemming from a love of many genres of music is always evident in Brendon's work.

Tracklisting for the EP - New Strain;


The techno & electro label, based in France already has a roster of artists signed for a remix or single on it are : Dave Clarke, The Hacker, Terence Fixmer, Crash Course in Science, Thomas P Heckmann, Vitalic, to name but a few. It's certainly a label that is one to watch and gaining a reputation for quality releases.