Plano B Records presents Vkira, Sanio & Zarth with 'Jacarandá'

Melodic Techno

Plano B Records presents Vkira, Sanio & Zarth with 'Jacarandá'

Plano B Records is proud to present the debut EP of Vkira together with Sanio & Zarth, including two stunning remixes by Tony Casanova and L_Cio.

The main track Jacaranda is a progressive deep house beauty with nice harps and synth lines that run through the track hypnotizing the listener.

Berlin based Tony Casanova (Stil vor Talent) delivers an amazing remix with his personal dancefloor touch with a punchy groove and amazing synth lines.

Next we have L_Cio (Kompakt, D.O.C.)’s interpretation, adding to the recording his most prized instrument, a flute. The grainier, uplifting rework finds a nice balance of musicality and functionality.

Following from this, we have Avatar, a driving, serotonin depleter' of a track. Harmonic leads and sporadic live drum samples duck in and out of chuggy, club ready drums.

Closing out the EP, there’s the pleasant surprise, Zizi. Ending this aural delight nicely with a textural, ambient piece featuring field recordings.


1. Jacaranda
2. Jacaranda (Tony Casanova remix)
3. Jacaranda (L_Cio remix)
4. Avatar
5. Zizi

Release Date: TBC