Polish Techno duo Duss release their 'Splitted' EP on Sasha Carassi's impri


Polish Techno duo Duss release their 'Splitted' EP on Sasha Carassi's impri

Duss are a techno duo hailing from Poland - Wojtek and Sebastian. They have released tracks on the following labels; Uto Karem's Agile Records and Monique Musique. They have performed at many major techno parties, including mighty Cocoon London (UK), unique Electrocity (on Dubfire's Sci+Tec stage) and rocked main stage at Mayday.

Having received positive feedback from Techno DJ/Producer Sasha Carassi about their music, they were very excited to be signed to his imprint Phobiq with this new three track E.P 'Splitted';

'Mistral', nowadays it's very difficult to make a track which will stuck in your head for a long time. Involving beat, good arrange and melody which you will remember is necessary. „Mistral" has all of them.

'Splitted (Original Mix)', cataloging tracks doesn't have sense anymore when music styles started influencing each other so much that one track can be cataloged as Techno, Tech House or Minimal as well. It's different in this case - Euphoric Techno is first thing that comes to your mind and suits perfectly. Phat beat combined with melodies and vocals, which make you smile.

'Splitted (Duss On Acid Edit)', it's a perfect example how one track can be made on 2 different ways. Though that 'only' bassline has been changed in this version this track changed completely. From Euphoric Techno into acid creature which perfectly suits for ending your dj mix.

"Splitted" EP is milestone for DUSS and they promise - that's not the end!


1. DUSS – Mistral
2. DUSS – Splitted (Original Mix)
3. DUSS – Splitted (Duss On Acid Edit)