Portugal's SoniCulture Unlimited debut Apart with his Paradox E.P.


Portugal's SoniCulture Unlimited debut Apart with his Paradox E.P.

Fresh from the sea shore in the coastline of Portugal we fished a brand new artist to present to the world and be praised for days to come. What a great debut EP this is. “Apart” is Joao Luis Simoes, from Figueira da Foz and expresses himself through electronic music, collecting references from different areas.

He reveals an abstract imagery taken from the deep ocean that he likes to explore, creating intriguing sounds. At the studio, he unites dynamics from a black spectrum leading to distant and dense tones. Out of his powerful forces within, melodies come out once in a while, followed by energy that develops in enigmatic and seductive environments. And here is a perfect example of what is stated above. “Paradox” opens with dense and hypnotic techno as if a fish keeps staring you in the eyes.

“Quantizing Chaos” is more broken and dramatic, with swift melodies and aquatic action. Maybe the fish wants to play with us.

“Enigma” goes back to techno in a very spooky way, so here we follow our friend towards a submarine on the bottom of the ocean. Let’s investigate.

Finally, the fish smiles as we reach “Equilibrium”, which is calm and pleasing, revealing that the best place to be is inside this marvelous aquarium.

As happened with the previous SONICULTURE UNLIMITED release, the sleeve of each track is made with SOUNDPLOT software developed by SONICLAB. By using bioinformatics analysis, it “paints“ a track as it would look like on a drawing.

For this, we compare sequential segments of the music in question and evaluate the degrees of similarity, using a heat map colouring scheme, where blue means different patterns (cold) in time while red means similar patterns (hot). The result is painted as a matrix in Dot Plot format. Now, as we make music, we can think about what it will look like.


1. Paradox
2. Quantizing Chaos
3. Enigma
4. Equilibrium

Release Date: 28th April 2015