Public Address release their 'One Two Three' EP on Mesa Recordings


Public Address release their 'One Two Three' EP on Mesa Recordings

Today Public Address gives us 'One Two Three', a delectable selection of three original tracks plus a remix from Doubting Thomas via Mesa Recordings.

Public Address is the highly synergistic collaboration between Ben Wright aka Mi (Mesa / Archipel / Make Mistakes / Aufseit) and Andrew Bowen (Klientele / Mesa). The music of Public Address reflects the immense fun that the boys have creating it. Almost all of the sounds are sampled from found objects, hardware synths, drum machines and acoustic instruments.

Ben brings an experimental yet deeply musical aesthetic to the table while Andrew anchors things to the dance floor with his streamlined, mid-west techno sensibilities. With equal parts booty shaking bounce and ear tickling detail, Public Address is making waves on the international dance music scene.

‘One Two Three’ evokes the classic stylings of minimal techno while incorporating a deep and organic sense of musicality. Subtle melodies and homespun samples are interwoven with hardware grooves and synths to create warm and highly dimensional compositions that are equally enjoyable in the club or on the home hi-fi system.



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