Qindek returns to WaveRefom with 'Odeesjan'

Melodic Techno

Qindek returns to WaveRefom with 'Odeesjan'

Making a welcome return to WaveReform - Qindek is back with the kind of distinctive alchemy that promises to create an unforgettable experience on “Odeesjan” release with a unique remix from Marcus Henriksson.

“Odeesjan” centres around a vocal hook that echoes out into a tense, minimalist space, in between sparse metallic percussive touches, subtle hats and a rock-solid kick. Aside from that infectious vocal, one of the truly distinctive qualities in this track is the eerie pad that lingers in the background, subtly pulsing and shaping out a tension that Qindek proves to be a master of.

Such a unique track deserves a unique remix, and so it is as Marcus Henriksson re-imagines the mystical club killer as an emotive, electro-tinged masterpiece. It’s the perfect heart-swaying foil to the psychological intensity of the original version, making this a record of two distinct, essential halves.


1. Odeesjan
2. Odeesjan (Marcus Henriksson remix)

Release Date: 7th December 2016.