Quality House Music from Marquis Hawkes - Sweet [Houndstooth]


Quality House Music from Marquis Hawkes - Sweet [Houndstooth]

Marquis Hawkes productions are often compared to the old-school sounds of Chicago and are often rich, soulful affairs that touch upon numerous pockets of house music's past and present. He is back with a new EP, ‘Sweet’.

Pairing up a sugary R&B sample with his signature swinging but slamming beats, opening cut ‘When I Get Home’ is a return to the flavour of 2014's summer smash ‘Can't Find A Reason’, although this time around, it's more tracky and introspective.

Next up, a different facet of Hawkes’ production talents is reprised with ‘At The Witness Stand’, a trippy take on classic NY freestyle.

Opening the B-side, title track ‘Sweet’ furthers Hawkes’ trademark rough and ready house sound with distinctive vocal hooks and a hip-twitching rhythm, whilst bringing up the rear, ‘What A Relief’ is a raw but inescapably funky drum workout that would make the likes of Traxmen & Eric Martin proud.

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1. When I Get Home
2. At The Witness Stand
3. Sweet
4. What A Relief