Ralf HIldenbeutel presents Retouched Themes on 'Moods' EP

Melodic Techno

Ralf HIldenbeutel presents Retouched Themes on 'Moods' EP

After 'Moods', an album full of fantastic and contemporary designs of electronic music which constantly flirted with modern classic designs - Ralf Hildenbeutel releases the remix-EP, all produced by himself like he often used to do in former days via the Rebecca & Nathan imprint.

The result is a package of five remixes (four on vinyl, the download version with a bonus track). You can hear the neo trance-influences of artists such as Kink or others as well as the fine feel for the understanding of peaks and arrangements without gimmicky showing off.

At the latest with the driving and upbuilding groove of 'Lost - Retouched' the shaman in the desert peeps out from behind the cactus and offers psychedlische gifts. Henceforward it is: Everybody for himself and all together.

Track Listing:
1. Beyond Retouched
2. Disco Retouched
3. Misty Retouched
4. Lost Retouched
5. Lucid Retouched (Digital Only)

Release Date: 11th March 2016.