Raw District - Litaca EP [Solar Distance]

Melodic Techno

Raw District - Litaca EP [Solar Distance]

Solar Distance drops a stunning Litaca EP three tracks of contemporary melodic house from Belgium duo Raw District - focused their Raw District alias in a direction that’s both techy and melodic. In their own words "Raw District is about fewer samples and more organic influences".

Konflikt opens with lush pads that are soon joined by stripped back percussion and vocal chants. Melodic tech house at its most stylish, this chic cut is has a glistening finish and polished aesthetic.

Morgon is on a very different vibe from the first cut with an uplifting melody and an arpeggiated bass line both building intensity. With a clever use of strings, this electronic track is almost like a classical concerto condensed into five minutes.

Litaca reintroduces percussion with a framework where dramatic audio textures are draped. The urgency of the lead synth melody contrasts nicely with the otherwise laidback mood.


  1. Konflikt
  2. Morgon Promenad
  3. Litaca

Release Date: 16th November 2018