RAWAX release the first 'AIRA' E.P vinyl series featuring Ricardo Villalobo


RAWAX release the first 'AIRA' E.P vinyl series featuring Ricardo Villalobo

This new project is directed by Miho Ichikawa in collaboration with Robert Drewek, the owner of respected label RAWAX. It is a special edition of 'RAWAX - AIRA EP vinyl series'.

Concept and mission will always be, to connect and invite great musicians who produce and create "essence of the real music”, not following the trend but let the music speak itself with groove, melody, vibe, energy and soul...

Roland has made evolution in dance music all over the world in 80's, Music needed those machines, and machines needed those creators of music. AIRA are not rehashing of the legendary original TR or TB, But respecting those great machines from the past, AIRA continues to evolve toward into the future simultaneously, newly developed, new generations tools to keep the music alive and to bring more possibilities for the future.

The first track featured on this release is from Ricardo Villalobos with 'Rabbit Over' abstract synth patterns and nomadic sub-bass riffs are still claustrophobically enclosed, enslaved to the repetitive loops, and denied opportunities to rise to a shimmering and/or dizzying crescendo surprising arrangement evolves in a very clean and sharp gentle melodic track.

While on the flipside of the vinyl is Oskar Szafraniec with his offering, ‘Vitality’, made using the TR-8, VT-3, System-1 and SBX-1, also features the vocals of Infinite Livez, this track out of the two has more body and validity in terms of overall construction, with nicely overlaid vocals, and sublime bass lines.


1. Ricardo Villalobos - Rabbit Over
2. Oskar Szafraniec feat. Infinite Livez - Vitality

Release Date: 27th April 2015 (Vinyl Only)