Regenerate release Bucaramanga EP on Moderate Records


Regenerate release Bucaramanga EP on Moderate Records

Moderate Records release the Bucaramanga EP that contains two tracks. Moderate Records is the underground Techno vision and platform of Davide Mancini alias MDS. The label is based in Rome.

The first track 'Bucaramanga' (Davide Mancini Remix) is twenty minutes long to which Techno enthusiasts will enjoy every second. Typical of a light, yet a speedy Techno track, your inquisitiveness of the track should be maintained on the dance floor with its delicate deviations and breakdowns.

Moderate (Original Mix) the second track a light industrial, yet mesmerising sound that you regularly dance too with two quirky breakdowns and short vocal that keeps you curious. Although not a unique track, it could easily be a dance floor regular, early in a set.

Both the Techno tracks are ready for a DJ to use, although at twenty minutes it is unlikely that anyone will be dancing to all of Bucaramanga (Davide Mancini Remix).


Bucaramanga (Davide Mancini Remix)
Moderate (Original Mix)

Release Date: 8th September 2016