Remcord takes ‘less is more’ with 'Sura' EP via Atmosphere

Deep House

Remcord takes ‘less is more’ with 'Sura' EP via Atmosphere

French producer, Remcord takes the concept of ‘less is more’ to a whole new level on his latest release 'Sura' EP via the Atmosphere imprint. 

His minimalistic approach on electronic music translates itself into three immersive melodic house tracks. With the title and opening track ‘Sura’ Remcord raises the bar in terms of psychedelic atmospheres. 

‘Jalo’ on the other hand is the kind of track that hypnotises a whole dance-floor with its warm and emotional synth chords. 

Last but not least ‘Tera’ is characterised by the endless arpeggio that floats through the extremely well crafted musical composition.


1. Sura
2. Tera
3. Jalo

Release Date: 28th November 2016