Richey drops his latest creation 'Call Cali' E.P


Richey drops his latest creation 'Call Cali' E.P

Featuring five tracks of pure musical freedom, Richey releases his latest creation 'Call Cali' E.P - it combines crisp production, sexy, tweaky vocal hooks and energetic, driving yet minimal club music. For the very first time, Richey reveals his lighter side with this forthcoming release with a West Coast twist.

Lured to the dance floor at an early age, twenty-year-old Montreal artist RICHEY was raised on a diet of deep cuts and dark rhythms. Having made his debut via the mighty John Digweed’s ‘Transitions’ Radio Station at the tender age of fifteen under his former moniker, Richie G, this new alias for one of tech-house music's already known names has turned down an exciting path.

The lead track on the release 'Call Cali' is full of hypnotic rhythms, with it's tweaky vocal hook built over the hollow groove, before the baseline kicks in to lift everything to another level.

'Know Want Love' is vibrant and multi-lateyred track, with dreamy chords and soft pads over rolling drums to evoke a melodic dream state vibe.

'Oh Hey Uh' with it's hooky vocals, dreamy arpeggios and a chuggy square wave bass combined with low-slung crunchy rhythms and bright piano progressions, cheeky little house number.

'Rastafara' with phat bassline, driving kickdrum bringing dusty drum sounds, tension building pads and a stabbing bass sequence to the forefront.

The release is topped off with 'Haze' heads down the Tech House route, with neat 4x4 driving beat, warped synth lines and vocal overlays, a nice way to complete the release - we expect to hear a lot more from this talented Montreal-based. producer.


1. Call Cali
2. Know Want Love
3. Oh Hey Uh
4. Rastafara
5. Haze

Release Date: 16th June 2015.