Rico Casazza presents classy electronica on 'Yaman' via Archipel

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Rico Casazza presents classy electronica on 'Yaman' via Archipel

From downtempo to breaks, with hints of electro, a wide pallet of sounds, moods and genres define Rico Casazza's eight track gem 'Yaman' on the Archipel imprint. Refined over his 10-years-long career and a high degree of eclecticism, which is clearly defined on this album.

A striking quality in this album is the amount of genres being represented with each retaining a common thread of simplistic nature. Classy electronics from the Archipel label. Rico's Yaman EP features his unique take on intricate House and Breaks

'Aye' has the presence of recognisable Roland sounds in the groove that give the track a feel of old-school and nostalgia. Moreover, albeit the presence of retro-sounding instruments, the song doesn’t stick entirely to this retro-style thanks to the presence of long pads and decorative sounds coming in and out all the time.

Another characteristic of this album is how he plays with texture and sound design. For instance, in Golden Leaf, some instruments sound acoustic, almost natural and others are clearly synthesised. This contrast allows the track to be very visual and stimulating for the listener.

Another example of this can be found in Dark Matter. The mood is significantly dark, deep, and heavy due to the track’s fast and slow tempo sensation, spooky vocals, lingering noises and a very strong dub-step rhythm signature. The overall impression of this track is that of a particular heaviness and burden that reminds Burial’s sound spectrum.

Focusing heavily on the structure of his tracks Rico relies particularly on progression which is distinct in the track Sequenza - the main arpeggio synth dynamics vary throughout the end, it’s this hypnotic sequence that takes the listener to a trance like state-of-mind. The 303 acid bass here is quite smooth and liquid and accompanies the sequence until the end, while the slow beat keeps the rhythmic patterns in the right place.

However, in Jobsuck, we can find a different example of how Rico changes the mood in his music. With a funkier dubstep beat, soulful female vocals, and greats keyboard solos, all of which make this track a dance-floor groover. 

Allichu, or the “peaceful” track of the album, has refined melodies and long warm pads It feels like a movie soundtrack for its elegant vibe and electro'ish groove.

Painful Wisdom is a journey into a mystical and dramatic place, which Rico tells us trough sound. Ethereal melodies and a heavy breakbeat groove gives some deep meaning and heavy dancing feeling to this track.

And lastly the most notable track of the album Yaman has a peaceful “music box” sort of melody, putting the listener to a zen place. The electro influenced beat dances and mutates along with the driving 303 acid bass-line that makes this track a music score type while keeping a strong and energetic vibe. A perfect balance between a dance track and songwriting.

All in all, this album is as eclectic as it gets, and acts as a testimony of the artist’s ability to play with different genres. Understandably, this work’s success rests in the ability of Rico to captivate as a music storyteller. It is about the journey in his music and the simplistic nature of each track that makes this album quite unique.


A Allichu
A Aye
A Golden Leaf
A Seq Uenza
B Dark Matter
B Jobsuck
B Painful Wisdom
B Yaman

Release Date: 28th November 2016