Riot Recordings presents Gabriela Penn with the 'Nightfall' EP


Riot Recordings presents Gabriela Penn with the 'Nightfall' EP

Riot Recordings is proud to announce this special EP from Gabriela Penn under the title of 'Nightfall' - she's the first female dj/ producer who boards the imprint, with her deep grooved based release.

Gabriela Penn’s techno tracks always have a nice funky groove, combined with some nice warm, deep melodies. With a strong eye for detail, her deep grooves are surely going to make you move.

Gabriela has released tracks on Analytic Trail, Reload, Spark and now she is ready to release a new ep on Riot.

Nightfall ep has three original mix and Three remixes by : The YellowHeads, Fac3off, Patrik Berg


1. Gabriela Penn ’“ Base Alert
2. Gabriela Penn ’“ Nightfall
3. Gabriela Penn ’“ Disease
4. Gabriela Penn ’“ Disease (The YellowHeads Remix)
5. Gabriela Penn ’“ Base Alert (Fac3Off Remix)
6. Gabriela Penn ’“ Nightfall (Patrik Berg Remix)

Release Date: Out Now...