Risico present a solid techno release 'Victor Nova' via Forevergreen Ltd


Risico present a solid techno release 'Victor Nova' via Forevergreen Ltd

Risico, the duo composed by Raf Dask and his friend Matteo Basso, known as MadMat LovesJuno, presents us "Victor Nova", a solid techno release made up of acid sounds, tasty melodies and hypnotic riffs. This release includes two original mixes and two remixes signed by Claudio Masso aka Saxum and Pier Alfeo aka Unc0mpr0m153.

Every track goes through a strictly personal techno pattern, where listeners can jump from metalloid and emotive to more danceable rhythms. Other remixes will follow "Victor Nova", always on Forevergreen LTD. In the end, a curiosity: the artwork of this release portrays the Milky Way in the constellation of Cygnus, and the picture was taken by Raf Dask himself.

This blend matches with each track in a subjective and personal journey the listener can freely go through. Risico aims to seek new and experimental sounds, but at the same time nostalgic touches coming from the past. It's a synergy between old and new technologies, including old and new rules. Risico are two producers and Dj's in tune with each other, bounded by an artistic perception that put together analog and digital tools to create unique sounds appreciated abroad as well.


1. Victor Nova (Original Mix)
2. Playground (Original Mix)
3. Victor Nova (UNC0MPR0M153 Remix)
4. Playground (Saxum Treatment)

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