Robert Armani returns with his 'Street Bleep' E.P


Robert Armani returns with his 'Street Bleep' E.P

Believe it or not, but Chicago legend Robert Armani is back and release his new 'Street Bleep' E.P teaming with Gettoblaster on the Berlin based imprint AYCB.

With an an expansive Musical career Robert Armani pulls out all the stops on the release, reflecting the influences that include: Armando, Mike Dunn and Frankie Knuckles. He sees his music sticking with old styles and doing “whatever comes to mind”. Producing with labels including Dance Mania, Pushpac, AVC, BML, High Octane and many more Armani has captured the ears of fans and promoters all over the world.

The release features two original tracks each with a characteristic acid twist 'Blotter Paper' and 'Street Bleep'. Also on the release are three unique remixes from DJ ESP, Alexander Kowalski & Mario Berger, and one final one from label boss Housemeister.

Number one is from acid legend DJ ESP aka Woody McBride, another one from Alexander Kowalski & Mario Berger and one for sure from labelhead !


1. Blotter Paper
2. Street Bleep
3. Blotter Paper (Housemeister Remix)
4. Blotter Paper (DJ ESP We Jack Remix)
5. Blotter Paper (Alexander Kowalski & Mario Berger Remix)

Release Date. 13th July 2015.