Roberto Clementi announces new 4 Track EP with Kontra-Musik


Roberto Clementi announces new 4 Track EP with Kontra-Musik

Roberto Clementi announced today, that he's signed up for a 4 track EP with the Sweden's southernmost Kontra-Musik, one of the most respected underground house and techno label in the electronic scene! We've long been massive fans of this guy with his sounds reaching from slow pounding dub techno to the rawest forms of house, Roberto proves that he is more than a skilled producer - this is pure talent shining through.

Clementi’s story starts in a small town on Italy’s East Coast in the picturesque region of Porto San Giorgio.

“Growing up remotely I grew up without external influences, MTV etc which enabled me to develop my own taste, discover new sounds and find out what I liked. There were a lot of problems with the TV signal so my father in 1989 bought one of the first models of satellite receivers and I discovered the live streaming of street parade! I was so impressed that I hooked my fisher price cassette recorder up to the TV and started recording”.

Over the last year Clementi has been working hard in the studio on his debut album for and is now ready to unleash his opus entitled N Lights on Soma Records. The album was created through the research of unique, new sounds, made with analogue equipment, samples from old tapes & field recordings. Elements he felt were key in creating an underground feel to an album of melodic, dance floor orientated music.

With further releases coming on Echocord Colour with remixes from Marcel Dettmann and Norman Nodge and an EP on Sorry for Thus with a special remix from Steve O’Sullivan, 2014 promises to be brightest yet for Roberto Clementi.

As treat we though we'd share this recent mix from Roberto, enjoy!