Roberto teams up with Jamie Anderson to bring you ‘Billingsella Corrugata’


Roberto teams up with Jamie Anderson to bring you ‘Billingsella Corrugata’

It's the second release from Roberto’s new Fossil Archive imprint, this time around he teams up with Artform’s Jamie Anderson to bring you ‘Billingsella Corrugata’

Technology is fine, but music production is a human thing. A social thing. Blurring those lines, ‘Billingsella Corrugata’ is an intensely catching, beats mart roller coaster of nimble bass lines and 4/4 muscle power.

This music is no flash in the pan – a much polished, low end, acid influenced track that does nothing and everything; emotionally invigorating. Warped out of your mind on high grade pharmaceuticals or not, ‘Billingsella’ is a hugely likeable track, way ahead of this years acid techno revival. A killer groove that could loop round and around all day and never get dull, Fossil Archive is already proving they have more hook than a fisherman’s box; the new bastions of techno.

Like Colin McRae on crystal meth, and hardly qualifying as easy listening, ‘Corrugata’ has plenty of grab, nurturing a deep, melody-fractured trip through machine-made music. With a pure dancefloor energy paired with a piercing with a hook, this latest collection of acid-plod techno production best sums up the label’s direction – you can't fault it.

Enriching its trademark, ‘Corrugata’ lords it up with anti-pop music plushness, preparing you for joyous leap, bound and bounce across the dancefloor as its bippy bop feel takes you over.

Come on, make your speakers pop.


Release Date: 27th April 2015