Romanian imprint Adult Central releases vinyl only 'Adult Nightclub Pt. 1'


Romanian imprint Adult Central releases vinyl only 'Adult Nightclub Pt. 1'

The fresh Romanian imprint Adult Central is gaining some serious momentum being championed by Sven Väth, DJ Hell and James Zabiela, their latest vinyl only release titled "Adult Nightclub Pt. 1" is a diverse collection of tracks including artists Brendon Moeller, label boss Radu Dracul, who produces under the alias of ‘The Model’ along with two debut acts Minus & Ion and KASIM.

Continuing with its run of genre defying releases that blur the line between House and Techno, this release fuses the Deep Techno of Brendon Moeller with the upbeat party vibes of The Model and introduces us to a couple of new producers in the process.

Brendon Moeller’s track titled ‘Asteroids’ is Deep Techno at its very best with a rolling bass line, fast flowing hi-hats and modulated synth parts, which build and morph as the track develops. Understated, but full of energy, the track is chic and atmospheric, but not too aggressive that it couldn’t also be used as part of a House set.

‘House TV’ by The Model is thick and chunky with a raw funk to the bass line. Combining a vocal about where House music got its name, with the menacing laughs of another sample, the track is instantly recognisable and hard to forget. Although underground, ‘House TV’ isn’t taking itself too seriously and has a party vibe that many will find appealing.

Track three is from Minus & Ion is titled ‘Low’ that is based around a vocoded vocal, which adds a deep and dreamy texture that compliments the lead synth parts. Driven by the bass line and chunky percussion, the track keeps one eye on the dancefloor whilst the other looks towards chilling out at the after party.

Rounding off the release is the K.A.S.I.M. track titled ‘Imperfecto‘ that starts off with captivating melodic pads, but despite its deep and moody start things soon pick up pace. A third of the way in the sudden introduction of the up tempo lead sound changes the mood and lifts the track.


A1. Brendon Moeller - Asteroids
A2. The Model - House TV
B1. Minus & Ion - Low
B2. K.A.S.I.M. - Imperfecto

Release Date: 13th June 2016.