Rosedale Records bring us its third release with a debut by Dutch newcomer


Rosedale Records bring us its third release with a debut by Dutch newcomer

Rosedale Records is proud to release its third release. This time it's an exclusive debut by Dutch newcomer Colophon, this is his very first label release and he was 'discovered' by label boss Estroe via her Estroe Advice agency.

She feels that Colophon has this very moody dubby vibe going on that never gets bored and believes that it's time that more people get to know his music. For the remixes NYC based Brendon Moeller and the Rotterdam based producer duo Duplex did an excellent job with respectively a more industrial approach (Concrete - Brendon Moeller Dub) and a melodic Detroit touch (Forecast - Duplex remix).

This is what Colophon explains about his release: "All my music is created with old analogue synths and drum machines combined with new technologies like Ableton Live, trying to catch the spirit that once started in Detroit. Tracks derive from spontaneous jams where I record parts of. In a later stage I try to create a collage of sounds by arranging these jams, use parts, cut up samples, etc.

‘Concrete’ is music for halls and factories based on Berlin dub techno style chords with heavy weight concrete smashing claps.

‘Forecast' is much more about a melancholic breathing atmosphere for dark winter days.

I was amazed Estroe liked my tracks so much that she would like to release them. I'm very honoured by artists such as New York based Brendon Moeller and Rotterdam techno heroes Duplex remixing my tracks for this release.

The name Colophon origins from working as a graphic designer where it is the information about a publication at the end of books. The parallel in building something new with feeling and intuition is the same creative process as well for design as in music. Colophon as an artist reflects the background about me as the creator of the tracks.

1. Concrete
2. Concrete (Brendon Moeller Dub)
3. Forecast
4. Forecast (Duplex remix)
5. Concrete (Echologist Dub)