RoundQube Musik turn to Christopher Ledger with his 'Seventh Orphism' E.P


RoundQube Musik turn to Christopher Ledger with his 'Seventh Orphism' E.P

Berlin-based RoundQube Musik bring on-board Christopher Ledger (The Code Studio, Berlin) to the imprint with his 'Seventh Orphism' E.P which includes three original tracks plus a remix from Gabriele Carasco & Francesco Passantino.

Judging by the vastly different set of sounds featured on the release, from the elegance of the piano to the hypnotism and abstract-ism of the synths mostly due to experiments with modular synthesis.

'Lost with K' starts with a Dub-Techno feel, breaking into a elegant use of a classical piano, with shifting synths, clicking samples and filled out with a deep bass-line.

'Noxious Folio' has a similar Dub feel to the start, but builds into a off key break -

'Walking Paradox' is an abstraction of dub beats, evolving throughout the track, with a subtle use of tribal style vocals and bubbling synth's. It picks up with the use of muffled high-hats, that carry the track along with the abstract beats, set in the middle with a ambient break a truly wonderful creation.

'Seventh Orphism' is an E.P which establishes Ledger, as a producer/artist to watch in 2015.


1. Lost with K
2. Noxious Folio
3. Lost with K (Gabriele Carasco & Francesco Passantino Remix)
4. Walking Paradox

Release Date: 28th May 2015 (Vinyl Only Release)